Company history

The geophysical companies which make up IGSS have over 70 years’ of history, dating back to the very beginnings of Russian geological exploration, and have been operating in the oil field servicing sector since the early 1940s. Each company has played a prominent role in the history and development of the Russian oil and gas services industry.                              

Below is a brief history of the company, its subsidiaries and its parents – set out in chronological order:

1941: Formation of Severgeophyzika OJSC and Orenburg Geophysical Research Expedition OJSC

Severgeophyzika OJSC is the largest geophysical company in the Republic of Komi. They succeeded GP Pechorageophysica – the company which pioneered seismic prospecting operations in the Timano-Pechora oil and gas province. Valuable geophysical reports of those early years are kept by Severgeophyzika OJSC.

Orenburg Geophysical Research Expedition has over 70 years of seismic survey experience. Even more impressively, this has come in the difficult-to-explore geotectonic regions of Orenburg, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Astrakhan, Kamchatka and Yamal.

1947: Formation of Central Geophysical Expedition OJSC

Central Geophysical Expedition was founded in 1947. They succeeded the Soviet Siberian Geophysical Complex (SSGC), then one of the country’s largest geophysical companies.

The crews of the Complex performed surveys in Eastern and Western Siberia as well as Central Asia.

1948: Formation of Tomsk Geophysical Trust CJSC

Tomsk Geophysical Trust CJSC – currently a branch of  Geotech Seismic Services PJSC –fulfils Russia’s state order for seismic services.

It is one of the largest seismic companies conducting operations in the Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk Regions.

1951: Formation of Khantymansiyskgeophysics OJSC

In 1951, Khanty-Mansiysk geophysical expedition was established and began its regular geophysical surveys in Western Siberia. After several transitions, the company is now known as Khantymansiyskgeophysics OJSC. KhMG is one of the pioneers of mineral resource exploration in Western Siberia. As well as activities in Yugra and Yakutia, the company also operates in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the Tomsk Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

1958: Formation of Naryan-Marseismorazvedka OJSC

Naryan-Marseismorazvedka OJSC is the successor of the Field Expedition of the Western Geophysical Complex.

The largest geophysical company in the Nenets Autonomous District, they have over 50 years of operations experience. This includes 30 years of seismic surveys in the Timano-Pechora Province.

1964: Formation of Tuymenneftegeophysika OJSC

Tuymenneftegeophysika OJSC – currently a branch of "Geotech Seismic Services" PJSC– has now been operating for 48 years. During this time, it has conducted numerous seismic surveys in Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Districts, Irkustsk, Orenburg, Krasnoyarks and south of Tyumen – as well as several former Soviet Union and CIS countries and elsewhere abroad.

1965: Formation of Boguchan Geophysical Expedition LLC

Boguchan Geophysical Expedition is the largest geophysical company operating in Krasnoyarsk Territory and its adjacent regions. The company’s sub-divisions contributed to the detection of oil and gas fields in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

1968: Formation of Yamalgeophysika-Vostok OJSC

Yamalgeophysika-Vostok OJSC – currently a branch of "Geotech Seismic Services" PJSC – was formed in 1968 on the basis of the Salekhard Geophisiscal Expedition. Historically, it has included several former and existing geophysical expeditions: Yamsoveysk Geophysical Expedition (Urengoy), Purovski Geophysical Expedition (Tarko-Sale), Tazovski and Zapolyarny Geophysical Expeditions (Kamenny Muys), Yarudeysk Geophysical Expedition (Stary Naduym) and Yamal Geophysical Expedition (Labutnangi).

1971: Formation of Geostan JSC

Geostan’s history dates back to 1971, when the Kazakhstan Test Survey Expedition was established to become a leading service company in Kazakhstan during the Soviet period. In 1982–2004, the Company changed its name several times (Almaty Geophysical Expedition, Main Geophysical Processing Centre, Seismalimet, Geotex and, finally, Azimut Energy Services). Geostan spun off from Azimut Energy Services in 2004.

1972: Formation of Sibneftegeophyzika JSC

Sibneftegeophyzika JSC succeeded the Siberian Geophysical Expedition. The company’s primary objective was the development of advanced seismic prospecting technologies –multiwave seismology, in particular. Sibneftegeophyzika JSC has now been involved in oil exploration for 40 years, using geophysical techniques in Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia and Uzbekistan.

1979: Formation of Eniseygeophysica OJSC

PGU Eniseygeophysica is a production geological unit of geophysical surveys, established in 1979. It’s comprised of the oldest geophysical companies working in the region – Taymirskaya, Boguchanskaya and Borskaya Expeditions. They have been out there since the 1960s.

As the years have progressed, new geophysical expeditions and groups have entered the structure: Ilimpeyskaya, Minusinskaya, Krasnoyarskaya, Katangskaya, Evenkiyskaya and Igarskaya. A computer centre and production factory making non-explosive electromagnetic pulse sources has also since been created.

2000: Formation of Azimuth Energy Services JSC

AES was formed in 2000 following a merger of a number of geological and geophysical companies, including Azimut Geological and Geophysical Joint Stock Company (Karaganda), Aktyubinsk Geophysical Expedition (Aktyubinsk), Almaty Geophysical Expedition (Almaty), Aerogeophysics (Almaty), Atyrau Geophysical Expedition (Atyrau), Ili Geophysical Expedition (Almaty), KazNIIGeophysics (Almaty), KOME (Seismalimet, Almaty), Mangyshlak Geophysical Expedition (Aktau), Turlansk Geophysical Expedition (Shymkent), Uralsk Geophysical Expedition (Uralsk), Pavlodar Hydrogeological Expedition (Pavlodar), and Kazlogistics (Aktyubinsk).

2004: Establishment of Integra

Integra acquires its first subsidiaries and starts their oil field service business.

2006-2008: Establishment of GEOTECH Holding CJSC

Since its inception on November 15 2006, GEOTECH Holding has acquired numerous leading Russian seismic companies as part of a clear strategy to become one of the leaders in the Russian seismic industry.

As preparation for the 2008/2009 season, we built on this growth by implementing comprehensive technical modernisations across all the Holding’s companies. It was the largest modernisation of its kind in the post-Soviet era seismic industry.

2010: Combination of the seismic assets of Integra and Schlumberger, based in Russia and the CIS, into the joint venture IG Seismic Services

Integra Group and Schlumberger formed a joint company IG Seismic Services, combining their seismic assets, located in Russia and the CIS. Shares in the joint venture were assigned as follows: Schlumberger - 25%, Integra Group - 75%.

In addition to the seismic assets of Integra, which were integrated into the joint venture, the following were also established: Astrakhan Operations Support Department and Usinsk Operations Support Department of Integra Geophysics OJSC (later renamed to Geotech Seismic Services PJSC) (land and transition zone seismic division on the basis of PetroAlliance  - a subsidiary of Schlumberger, engaged in seismic exploration in Russia), and an advanced centre for the processing and interpretation of marine and land seismic data "GeoPrime" on the basis of the Russian subsidiary WesternGeco - a subsidiary of Schlumberger that processes data in Russia.

2011: Combination of IG Seismic Services and GEOTECH Holding

In December 2011, a combination of IG Seismic Services’ (IGSS) and CJSC GEOTECH Holding’s assets took place as the result of the transaction to combine the seismic assets between Integra Group, Schlumberger Oilfield Holdings Limited and Geotech Oil Services Holdings Limited (GOSH). In its present form IG Seismic Services is a synergistic union of operating seismic companies, previously incorporated in Integra, GEOTECH Holding and Schlumberger in Russia and the CIS.

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2012: Admission of IGSS GDRs to traiding on LSE Main Market

Admission of IG Seismic Services GDRs to traiding on the London Stock Exchange Main Market.