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Who we are

IG Seismic Services (IGSS) is a leading pure play, land and transition-zone seismic company, primarily servicing clients in Russia and the CIS. We offer:

  • high-quality seismic acquisition
  • data processing and interpretation services

We are the result of the combination of the Russian seismic assets of three leading companies, finalized in December 2011:

  • GEOTECH Holding – The largest Russian seismic companies, its member companies have been operating at the top of the Russian oil and gas sector for over 70 years
  • Integra – one of Russia’s foremost oilfield services companies
  • Schlumberger – the world-leading oilfield services provider

By combining the global experience and technology of Schlumberger with the strong regional infrastructure and operational knowledge of GEOTECH and Integra, we are in prime position to capitalize on the favorable secular trends in the Russian and CIS seismic markets.

Industry pioneers

The geophysical companies which make up IGSS have over 70 years’ of history, dating back to the very beginnings of Russian geological exploration. Each company has played a prominent role in the history and development of the Russian oil and gas services industry.

Between them, they have performed millions of kilometres of profiles, explored thousands of geological areas and pioneered the exploration of the principal oil and gas fields in Russia and the CIS. Their research and field tests – conducted with the Russian Academy of Sciences – have also been vital in the development of seismic technologies in Russia.

Our field crews, supported by cutting-edge technologies and equipment, are capable of operating in all terrains and under the most challenging geographical, geological and climatic conditions. This includes desert sands, taiga, tundra, steep mountains, marshes and permafrost.

The Russian seismic exploration industry has changed dramatically in recent years. However, we have been able to preserve the data and experience accumulated during the Soviet era by the companies who make up IGSS. This, combined with the largest modernization ever conducted in the industry, ongoing R&D and advanced new technologies, allows IGSS to explore oil fields with maximum efficiency and effectiveness – providing our clients with seismic services of unparalleled quality.

We are present in all the key Russian onshore hydrocarbon basins – including frontier areas – with promising prospects for future growth. Our logistical infrastructure and experience of regional operations makes this possible.

Oil and gas remain the basis for Russia’s economic development and prosperity. Geological prospecting is therefore a strategic priority. New fields need to be detected and explored to maintain the country’s current output and leading position. IGSS is proud to play its part in sustaining the country’s future.

Our customers

Boasting a diverse customer base, we have built up strong relationships with all the significant users of seismic services in Russia. IGSS work closely with the country’s largest privately owned companies and the Russian government agencies responsible for publicly funded geological exploration.

We particularly benefit from our strong relationships with state-owned oil and gas companies including OAO Gazprom and OAO NK Rosneft. It is companies like these who are expected to play an important role in the exploration and development of Russia’s most promising undeveloped oil and gas regions.

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Where we operate

We provide the full spectrum of seismic exploration services in each of the major Russian hydrocarbon provinces. This includes Western and Eastern Siberia, South of Russia and the Timano-Pechora area.

We are now paying special attention to growing markets, such as Eastern Siberia, Timano-Pechora and Yamalo-Nenets.

IGSS also operates in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and abroad.

Please see a full list or regions in which we operate.

Headquartered in Moscow, we have regional offices in all of the principal oil and gas regions of Russia – as well as some CIS states.

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What we do

IGSS operates in two business divisions:

1. Field Seismic Works
2. Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation.

1. Field Seismic Works
Our field seismic division focuses on acquiring seismic data on land and transition zones. We rely on sophisticated seismic sources and perform a variety of surveys. Our mobilized field crews work in each of the key Russian hydrocarbon provinces. These include Western and Eastern Siberia, Timano-Pechora and Volga-Urals. We also operate in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and abroad.

Our crews are capable of performing seismic services in shallow waters, on shore and in transition zones. The field crews are supported by 28 operational bases. These are located in each Russian hydrocarbon province where we operate as well as Kazakhstan. Specialized repair and maintenance centers can be found in 16 of these bases.

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2. Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation
We operate a well-developed network of nine data processing and interpretation centers. Eight of these are in the Russian Federation, while the other is in Kazakhstan. For the full list of centers, click here.

This division processes and reprocesses seismic data, performs geological modeling and provides consulting services to our customers’ oil and gas field drilling and development programs. The seismic data required for this is either provided directly by our clients or acquired by our field seismic works department.

We offer a large range of 2D and 3D seismic data processing and interpretation services, including the rendering of complex geological oil and gas field models. This division also develops oil and gas field exploration strategies based on hydrodynamic models.

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IGSS in figures

- 52 seismic crews
- 10,837 employees as of December 31, 2015

Operational Figures 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014  2015
2D seismic (km) 25,918 25,720 20,030 11,072 8,433 12,199  12,802
3D seismic ( 10,981 14,805 18,910 20,139 14,004 9,280  10,444
HD seismic (km) - - - - 1,001 622  -
HD seismic ( - - - - 1,140 1,187  1,246
Shot points 2D 513,021 491,258 377,101 247,681 215,548 273,395  315,580
Shot points 3D 812,356 873,787 1,178,116 1,202,476 952,314 666,780  797,234
Shot points HD - - - - 442,597 423,456  359,725
TOTAL Shot points 1,325,377 1,365,045 1,555,217 1,450,157 1,610,459 1,363,631   1,472,539
Subcontract s.p. - 12,912 96,003 88,576 20,351 -  -

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