We do not treat social responsibility as merely a means of compliance with relevant regulations and rules. We are committed to developing and maintaining a responsible position when addressing social, economic and environmental issues.

We are guided by a solid foundation established upon the following principles when building our relationship with stakeholders:

  • Diversity and inclusion, including promoting respect for historical heritage, cultural diversity, and local customs and traditions;
  • Openness and transparency;
  • Confidence and honesty;
  • Compliance with federal and regional laws and regulations;
  • Compliance with Russian and international standards;
  • Responsibility for the fulfilment of our commitments.

Our business is driven by our people. Therefore we do all we can to ensure they are protected, enthused and developing. The principles we follow when building relationships with our staff are outlined here. Read more

The nature of this job means our employees are sometimes exposed to risks far away from large educational and cultural centres. Here we look at the lengths we go to protect them. Read more

IGSS demands high standards from all our employees. Continuous and comprehensive training helps them achieve it. This section outlines our training methods. Read more

The indigenous minority people of the North remain a major consideration for IGSS. This section outlines how we try to improve their social, economic and living conditions through mutually beneficial co-operation. Read more

As well as celebrating national events such as The Eighth of March and New Year, IGSS also promote events dedicated to professional and cultural events including Geologist’s Day and Reindeer Herder’s Day. Read more