Field operations

Field Operations

Arrangement of field operations is carried out based on corporate standards stipulating for field workers all required conditions for both work execution and for proper rest (residential buildings and office wagons, canteens, kitchens, bakeries, laundries, shower rooms, toilets, dryers, health stations and etc.).

All workers present in the field shall be provided with work clothes and safe shoes in compliance with corporate standards, as well as with required personal protective equipment and collective protective equipment corresponding to the nature of works and season.

All workers are admitted to work only if they are properly qualified and have confirming valid certificates, they don’t have any documented medical contra-indications to work execution, and there are no mandatory education, training or attestation prior to work execution stipulated by state and corporate requirements.

Training of Company’s employees, including field personnel, shall be carried out regularly involving leading learning centers, such as Du Pont, Human Factors, RPS Energy, Kazan Federal State University and others.

All contractors’ and subcontractors’ employees hired for certain services or works shall strictly adhere to all policies, standards, provisions and requirements in the field of health, safety and environment adopted by IGSS Group.

Care for the environment, preservation of natural wealth and diversity, minimisation of adverse impact of production activities on flora and fauna are among the most important areas in the activity of IGSS Group. As part of this initiative, we strictly prohibit

  • all types of hunting and fishing during presence in the field,
  • acceptance of gifts representing wildlife samples,
  • soil contamination, discharges into water bodies or on ice surfaces of water bodies of industrial, household and other types of wastes and trash, collection of items and destruction of monuments of archeological or historical value.

The principal position of IGSS Group is that the company has always considered and will consider the level of HSE in the Company as the most important indicator of management quality ensuring successful business development.