Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management

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HSE Management System of IGSS Group is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, and in its development we were also guided by international standards ISO and OHSAS as well as best practices and experiences of international professional associations, such as OGP and IAGC.

The Management of IGSS Group highlights priority of the matters related to health, safety and environment in its daily activity through the approval and publication of Company’s Policies
aimed at:

  • Development and implementation of efficient management systems designed to control environment protection, health and safety issues and to ensure their compliance with the requirements established by international and national standards;
  • Consistent reduction of occupational traumatism, occupational diseases, incidents and any adverse impacts on the environment to the level of the best indicators of leading geophysical surveying companies of the world;
  • Industrial safety and environment protection guaranteed by efficient risk analysis and management;
  • Consistent improvement of working conditions and environment and industrial safety.

The Company pays special attention to matters related to prohibition of spread and consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or psychotropic substances by Company’s workers as well as presence at working places and sites of Company’s workers under influence of such substances. The main principles of this work are specified in the Company’s Policy regarding the prohibition of spread and consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs or psychotropic substances.

To ensure successful implementation of HSE Policies and goals, IGSS Group undertakes the following obligations:

  • To carry out activities in strict compliance with the requirements of federal and local laws and regulations in the field of health, safety and environment, as well as with the requirements of industry-specific and corporate standards and norms;
  • To enhance efficiency of in-process enforcement of health, safety and environment requirements;
  • To involve all workers into activities aimed at increase of industrial safety and environment protection;
  • To implement progressive scientific developments and technologies at production facilities in order to reduce hazards and risks to life and health of the employees and the population, as well as to reduce negative impact on the environment;
  • To conduct an equitable dialog with all parties concerned and to ensure openness and availability of health, safety and environment indicators;
  • To continuously increase the level of knowledge, competency and awareness of employees in health, safety and environment matters;
  • To provide reasonable resources for health, safety and environment programs.

We believe that the abovementioned obligations meet the interests of our clients, workers and contractors, our shareholders and the state.

All managers of the Company are responsible for achievement of goals and for meeting of the requirements in the field of health, safety and environment, for distinct allocation of responsibilities, provision of resources and taking of the needed measures, for analysis and continuous enhancement of health, safety and environment practices.

Managers of all levels shall display leadership skills in health, safety and environment matters and shall actively involve workers into implementation of relevant programs aimed at reduction of traumatism, prevention of incidents and environment protection by:

  1. Demonstration of adherence to Company’s Policies and standards in the field of health, safety and environment through personal example;
  2. Abiding by the obligatory nature of risk evaluation during work planning;
  3. Prioritising matters related to health, safety and environment at production briefings and meetings;
  4. Arrangement of systematic trainings and informing of employees in matters related to health, safety and environment;
  5. Enforcement of strict observance of standards in the field of health, safety and environment by each employee during execution of employment duties;
  6. Execution of effective corrective measures aimed at elimination of hazards, rather than at punishment of the guilty parties.

Each operator is responsible for safe execution of works in conformity with guidelines and procedures, for use of properly functioning equipment and personal protection equipment, for submission of reports on hazards and risks detected at working places, as well as for exercising the right to shut down the works in case of danger to worker’s life or health.

We are strongly convinced that the most effective method of reduction of traumatism rate and incident rate in our operations is a timely detection of hazards, their evaluation, and elaboration of adequate measures aimed at elimination or reduction of consequence severity. For this purpose, a program for collection of data on hazards at working places has been introduced at the Company and we seek to reward employees actively participating in the program.