When was IGSS established?

IGSS emerged in its current form on December 30th 2011. It is the result of the integration between IG Seismic Services and Integra Group with the seismic business of Geotech Oilfield Services Holding. IGSS also draws upon the experience of Schlumberger, its minority shareholder, whose former Russian subsidiaries now also form part of IGSS' group.

Who are the key shareholders of IGSS?

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What is the number of ordinary shares issued and what is the nominal value of each share?

IGSS’ issued share capital comprises US$208,334. This consists of 20,833,400 shares, each of which are fully paid and have a par value of US$0.01 per share

How often does IGSS release its operational and financial results?

IGSS discloses its operational and financial results on a semi-annual basis.

Who is on the board of IGSS?

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Who is managing IGSS?

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What is the postal address of IGSS?


Capital Center
2-4 Arch. Makarios III Ave.
1065 Nicosia, Cyprus

What are the contacts for IGSS’ Investor Relations team?

Phone:  +7 (495) 580 7882
E-mail: query@igseis.com