Our Business

IGSS is a leading pure-play land and transition zone seismic company providing high-quality seismic acquisition, data processing and interpretation services to clients primarily in Russia and the CIS.

By combining the global experience and technology of Schlumberger with the strong regional infrastructure, relationships and operational knowledge of GEOTECH and Integra, we are in a prime position to capitalize on favorable secular trends in the Russian and CIS seismic markets.

Our clients

We have a diverse customer base and have built up strong relationships with all the significant users of seismic services in Russia. IGSS work closely with the country’s largest privately owned companies and the Russian government agencies responsible for publicly funded geological exploration.

We particularly benefit from our strong relationships with state-owned oil and gas companies including OAO Gazprom and OAO NK Rosneft. It is companies like these who are expected to play an important role in the exploration and development of Russia’s most promising undeveloped oil and gas regions.

IGSS are present in all the key Russian hydrocarbon basins – including frontier areas – with promising prospects for future growth. Our logistical infrastructure and experience of regional operations makes this possible.

Oil and gas remain the basis for Russia’s economic development and prosperity. Geological prospecting is therefore a strategic priority. New fields need to be detected and explored to maintain the country’s current output and leading position. IGSS is proud to play its part in sustaining the country’s future.

An outline of the different services we offer our clients including 2D, 3D, 4D, 2D3C and 3D3C, side-scanning seismic surveys, uphole surveys and the seismic refraction method. It also discusses our different Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation offerings. Read more >

As well as being present in all the primary Russian oil and gas regions,
IGSS has an increasingly global reach. This section highlights our locations.

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In our industry, having the right equipment is vital. At IGSS, we certainly do. This section analyzes our equipment capacity and discusses how we are always looking for the next innovation.
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