Directors and Management Dealings

Director/PDMR Shareholding Disclosure

by Alena Lipyavko | Dec 18, 2015

Moscow, December 18, 2015

The Company hereby notifies that Mr. Nikolay Levitskiy (CEO of IG Seismic Services PLC (IGSS)) has disposed in the course of transaction with Remwill Trade Limited ("Remwill") and SBC Geofizika LLC ("SBCG") 6,250,019 shares of IGSS representing 30.00% minus 1 share of the issued share capital of IGSS. The transaction closed on 16 December 2015. 

In accordance with its obligations and disclosure requirements (DTR 3.1.2), the Company makes the following disclosure: 


Name/ Position

Number of IGSS shares disposed

Current shareholding in IGSS after the transaction

Current shareholding in % of Common Equity

Nikolay Levitskiy